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Heating pads for African Pygmy Hedgehogs

Heating pads for African Pygmy Hedgehogs


Have you experienced a situation when your hedgehog wanted to hibernate and you had no idea how to provide extra warmth for your pet? Have you experienced another situation when after a nice bath your hedgehog still remained freezing and trembling no matter how carefully you dried him? You were worried about him getting cold, weren’t you? You might as well got to take your pet somewhere while it was cold outside and you didn’t know how to keep him warm. The answer to this problem can be a right sized heating pad and a sleeping sack which comes with the pad. The pad is fillable with seeds such as linseeds, pearled barley or rice that are all organic and microwavable. The heating pad might as well provide warmth for as long as an hour and a half .My experience is that – thanks to the amount of oil of the seeds- the linseeds can keep the heat for the longest period. Rubbing rice grains however can result in some rice-powder after a while so it would be necessary to change the filling occasionally and to wash the cover of the pad.



How to heat the pad for the hedgehog?


Power of the microwave ovens is varied, yet normally it is enough to heat the pad for half a minute. It is worth to stop the heating process a couple of times to shake the pad up so the seeds can get the heat evenly.

We should be extra careful with the temperature! The easiest test for the right degree is putting the bag to our face. If – after a couple of moments – we still feel it nice and pleasant so that we could stay like that forever, then it will be just perfect for our hedgehog too. If, however it is a bit sharp and slightly unpleasant than it will be too hot for the pet. It’s better to leave the bag to cool down a bit, you can shake it as well, then test it again. We should always leave the hedgehog with the possibility of getting the heating pad off if he gets hot a bit.


This heating pad comes with a Velcro fastener so we just pour out the seeds and it is ready to wash.


There’s nothing much more pleasant than sinking completely into a beanbag which naturally adapts our body shape. The same pleasant sinking feeling is provided by the heating pad for the hedgehog with some extra treat – the warmth.



Microwavable heating pads are available HERE!

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