Hedgehog Dream

African pygmy hedgehog

If you are an African pygmy hedgehog owner or you are planning to make it, or simply be interested in these wonderful little creatures, you are in a good place! I am trying to constantly collect and share interesting and useful information on the keeping, maintenance and placement of African pygmy hedgehogs in the favorites which you can read on my BLOG.

As a villain, I design and create unique houses, hides, sleeping sacks and other products for the hedgehogs, which I find on my products. Since my primary concern is the health and safety of the hedgie, my new product is a test element, I’ll change it until I see that the hedgie is happy and safe to use. The interior of all my cottages is reversible to make it easy, fast and thoroughly washable. There are no hidden recesses, immersive impurities!

african pygmy hedgehog houses

There is no more happiness for me than when I see the photos sent by my return, I find that your favourites have been delighted to take possession of the home made by me! Thank you and welcome to share your experiences sent to photos, opinions on my site! It is a special pleasure that not only African pygmy hedgehogs, but also guinea pigs, other small pets are happy to use my products!