Hedgehog Dream

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“So cute. Very well made. Great service. Received item on time. Would order from this shop again. Wish I could post a picture our hedgehog is so cute in his little house.”


“Great quality! Unfortunately my hedgehog prefers to sleep under it instead of inside it but what can you do – they’re quirky creatures lol! Really nicely constructed with thick materials so I am not afraid he will chew through it.”


“Honestly, I’m in love. The picture seriously doesn’t do it justice because I got it and realized I was going to HAVE to buy more products from them! I’m so obsessed I need one in every fruit. And my hedgie Peach loves it too!” – E.C. USA


“My hedgie absolutely loves it! So soft and warm for him and very easy to clean!”- 


“Super cute – gift for a guinea pig mom and she loves it.”


“Lo ame! Esta increíble! ❤ y a Memphis le gustó mucho! ❤” – A.I. – Mexico


“This is really nice and well made. Shipped quickly and I received it pretty fast even though it had to travel overseas. It is constructed well and is very soft, plush, and thick. I’m sure it will be very cozy inside. I bought it for a pair of rats, and it is a good size for them with some extra room, so I’m thinking probably a couple of Guinea pigs or hedgehogs could fit in at once.”


“This is so charming I just love it, if I was going to have the girls have a pet I at least want their cage to also look nice and function. This seems very durable also. Seller was so attentive to any shipping questions etc, Thanks again!” – M.W. – USA


“It’s very nice. Well stitched and well made. My daughter wanted it for her guinea pigs and I must say that I’m impressed. Her guinea pigs all love it. One of them promptly started moving her food and toy into it. We are very happy to have purchased house bed from this seller.” – R.M.E – USA


“I love this house. So cute. Received it on time. Very well made. Unfortunately my boys (guinea pigs) are too big for it. So disappointed because I do love it. UPDATE.. a new slightly larger house was made for me by this seller. My piggie loves it no hesitation in going in or sleeping in it. The larger entrance did the trick. He is sleeping in it as I write this. Thank you very much. Highly recommend this seller.” – M.K. – USA


“Adorable pumpkin house. Very well made and fast ship. Heggie loves it!” – K.M- USA


“Looks excellent, made excellent and super warm and comfy for my hedgehog. HIGHLY RECOMMEND” – D.C. – Canada


” i absolutely LOVE this home for my hedgehog wylie coyote!!! SUPER cute, cozy, dark. goes great with my halloween themed cage. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”